Tree Removal

Trees enhance the value of any location but trees that are in significant decline or that have been damaged by wind or storms can pose a hazard to property and occupants.

We can assess the health and hazard potential of any tree that you may be concerned about.  Trimming of branches that may potentially fail or complete removal of a tree are all within the scope of our arborist services.

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The presence of fruiting bodies (conks/mushrooms) or insect activity are often an indication of internal decay in trees.  Physical damage, cavities, splits, doubled (co-dominant) stems are often potential failure points in trees.  We can provide honest professional advise on your tree's health and recommend a way forward whether it be rehabilitation or removal.

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Tree Trimming

Tree trimming or pruning can be undertaken for many reasons;  to enhance the shape or form of a tree, to decrease shade or remove limbs that are encroaching on nearby structures.

The proper care of trees often requires the removal dead or dying limbs.  While often of no danger to the tree itself hazard limbs can damage property and put lives at risk.

Improper removal of limbs can be detrimental to the health of your trees, accelerating decay or promoting an improper growth reaction in the tree.  We can advise you on the best course of action to promote the healthy ongoing growth of your trees.

Stump Removal

Stump removal or "stump grinding" is a process of mechanically trimming the visible portion of the stump down to a depth of 15-20 cm (6-8") below ground level.  Excess material is removed and a mulched combination of soil and trimmings is left in place.  As an option we can place new topsoil and reseed or sod depending on your requirements.

Our equipment is sized for access to difficult areas and unsightly stumps can be quickly removed to recover additional recreational area or for your gardening projects.  Note that the extended root system of the tree is still in place below ground but has no effect on your use of the area.